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08. september 2005.

Project M.E.S.T.A.P.: The vehicles for solid waste collection 

and transport have arrived

On 8th September 2005 the official handing over of the vehicles for solid waste collection and transport has been carried out between involved parties within the project: PE "Regionalni Vodovod Crnogorsko Primorje", "Lovanja" d.o.o. and communal public enterprises of municipalities Kotor, Tivat i Budva. The minister of the Environmental Protection and Urban Planning Mr. Boro Vucinic, mayors of Kotor and Tivat and representatives of PE Regionalni vodovod “Crnogorsko primorje” and “Lovanja” d.o.o, attended this ceremony.


The municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Budva are provided with 5 communal trucks for collection and transport of the waste, 2 vacuums cleaner vehicles, 1 tow truck and 1 container cleaning truck.

French manufacturer "Renault" produced the trucks, until the Spanish manufacturer "Ros Roca" produced the superstructures.

The total amount of the equipment is 860.000 EUR with custom duties and VAT included.

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