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22. May 2004.

Base (geo-construction) of sanitary landfill »Lovanja« is ready for lining with high-resistant PEHD foil

Base (geo-construction) of sanitary landfill »Lovanja« has been prepared for lining with high-resistant PEHD folia. Final preparations are undergoing and, if the weather allows, the alignment and welding is expected on Tuesday, 25. May 2004.

It will be the first time that works of this kind are been made in Montenegro.

Foil is packed in "rolls", 9.4 m width and 150 m long. According to this, the process of lining consist in unrolling of the foil from the start point, witch is based on the upper surface of the side dike, to the opposite end of geo-construction (landfill). Before the unrolling takes place foil must be "anchored" to the start point to avoid future movement.

Trench for "anchoring" of PEHD foil

Preparation of the bottom (base) of the landfill for the process of lining

Area which is going to be covered with foil is cca 18000 m2. Protection of the foil will be provided with 1.0 cm thick geo-textile and after placing the drainage pipes all area will be covered with 30 cm layer of gravel.

Works on lining will be finalized in no more than 7 days, after which, works of placing the drainage pipes will commence.

Base (geo-construction) of sanitary landfill, May 22, 2004

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