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15. May 2004.


The works on construction of the sanitary landfill »Lovanja« currently are performed on the geo-construction and they are in the final phase. Preparation of the base for the geo-membrane (PEHD folia) remains, and it will cover the entire working area of the future sanitary landfill.

PEHD geo-membrane has already been delivered to the site, as well as the geo-textile which will be the upper protection layer of the PEHD folia.

Waterproof PEHD folia

Works on excavation are in the final phase and currently are performed on the 4th section of the landfill. Works are obstructed by the rain, which, due to the soil configuration (clay) obstructs the traffic of the trucks and other machines.

Excavation in the 4th section of the landfill

View on the working area of the landfill

The future sanitary landfill, which will be constructed according to the EU Directive No. 1999/31/EC, will have the area of 15000 m2, and with accompanying objects the total area of around 20000 m2. The total useful volume of the landfill will be 65.000 m3.

The deadline for the completion of all the works is June 30, 2004, on which, the operation of the landfill should commence.

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